I was appalled as I read the article "Fourth-graders who flunked goal had faces marked," (Nov. 17). According to the story, students could "choose" their own punishment — either stay in at recess or have their faces marked.

Six children had their faces marked by students who had met the goals. They had to wear the marks all day and were ridiculed by other students. The teacher insisted they had to wash the marks off before they went home. She held these children up to ridicule and yet didn't want parents to see it.

I hope these children can recover from this atrocious behavior and not think this is the new normal.

I would like to know who taught this teacher that this was an acceptable teaching practice? I hope this teacher can find other employment outside the education system. I hope parents will keep tabs on what is going on in our schools and not let this become the new normal.

Our children are too precious to be treated this way.

I applaud the many good teachers who teach because they love kids. The children are the future and deserve much better.

VerLynn Brink