Laura Seitz, Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and challenger Peter Cooke share a laugh before their debate in Salt Lake City Friday.

A day or two ago, my husband and I entertained his cousins who have recently been transferred here. One of the cousins worked in Iraq and Afghanistan for several years before being transferred to Arizona. He now works in Draper and she is taking finals from the University of Arizona.

They were surprised at what they saw when they arrived and said Utah is booming. I told them it was due to the hard work and diligence of our Gov. Gary Herbert in bringing new business and industry to Utah. They said that the rest of the country is in bad shape — many businesses boarded up, malls vacant and towns/cities very distressed. I'm really grateful for Gov. Herbert.

They are now living in a highrise condo in downtown Salt Lake and they praised the city for its cleanliness, beauty and vibrancy. In my opinion, the credit for that goes to the LDS Church, the people who keep the city clean, nice restaurants and various types of entertainment.

I love Utah and appreciate the people who are keeping it a good place to live.

Loa Don Glade

Salt Lake City