Associated Press
In this Sept. 12, 2012, file photo, side salads await the students of Eastside Elementary School in Clinton, Miss.

School lunchrooms, now under the thumb of bureaucrats in far away offices in Washington, got word back that not everyone is the same. Legislators attempted to cap the number of calories for a school lunch at 850. Some of the athletes burn that up in a few hours, while a lightweight freshman girl may not even come close. So Michelle Obama's rules for lunch fell flat on their face when the bean-counters in Washington realized that some individuals might need more meat or more carbs than others and finally relented.

The really scary part is this is the kind of thinking behind the socialists' proposals to force us to be equal on nearly every level. Either feed a 210-pound athlete on the same food as a 95-pound kid or force feed the 95-pound kid with an athlete's diet.

These are supposedly grown adults and they don't realize from the onset that humans are individuals.

Brice Nieveen