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Warren Buffett, left, Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates stand together, Sunday, June 25, 2006, in New York, shortly after Buffett's announcement that he would be starting to make an annual donation of about $1.5 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As the debate concerning taxing the rich continues in Washington, the Deseret News and other media jump at every opportunity to publish quotes from Warren Buffett when he advocates he and others of wealth should pay more or higher rates.

In most every instance, those in the media only provide half of such stories. They prove themselves of equal or greater hypocrisy by not including in such reporting that while Mr. Buffett advocates for higher taxes on the one hand, his company Berkshire Hathaway is and has been for many years battling with the Internal Revenue Service to avoid the federal taxes of more than $1 billion that IRS claims is owed.

Any story on the subject of taxes and Mr. Buffett's position thereon is misleading and dishonest unless both parts are included.

Stuart Curtis

South Jordan