Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Residents in homes along the powerlines in Kaysville are unhappy with UDOT and wanting to remove their homes to built the Western Corridor. Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011

As the Utah Department of Transportation considers options for the West Davis Corridor, one of its highest priorities should be protecting private property rights.

I recognize that the government can legally take land to build roads, but this should be done only when there are no other good alternatives. The compensation given for taking someone's home cannot make up for the true costs of displacing a family.

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UDOT has said that aside from complying with laws and regulations, they do not have guidelines that tell them what is most important in considering routes. There are many people willing to "speak for the trees" and legislation protecting the environment. Who protects the most basic right of owning a home?

UDOT should do everything possible to find a good route that takes the fewest homes possible. In regard to the West Davis Corridor, the Glover option, which takes no homes should be considered a much better option than the Shepard route, which takes at least 10 homes and goes right through the middle of a community.

Katrina Woolley