President Barack Obama enters to a cheering crowd to speak at Detroit Diesel in Redford, Mich. on Monday, Dec. 10, 2012. Daimler AG plans to announce $100 million investment into the facility at Detroit Diesel.

Once again, the Deseret News editorial board throws out the word "compromise" as the only logical, mature and reasonable way for our politicians to resolve the government's fiscal deficit problems. And note it is the Republicans that are blamed for not wanting to compromise, not the Democrats.

How do you think this country got into this dilemma in the first place? The conservative Republicans, once they get into office, compromise far too much with the Democrats who want to control, dictate to, enslave and create a voting bloc of dependent citizens. And as is evident, the liberal media pushes them to do so.

It would be nice if some righteous principles were adhered to, and fiscal conservatism and the free enterprise system were promoted instead of a destructive socialistic and nanny-state system.

That is how our nation started out and why it became great.

Kim Skinner