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Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall looks on as BYU and Notre Dame play Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 in South Bend. Notre Dame won 17-14.


Poor Al Jefferson.

The Jazz center spends 25 large for a new bed and still has an aching back.

Jefferson limped off the court due to back spasms at the end of last week's game against Orlando.

"That's the reason I bought the $25,000 bed, because I was sleeping on a soft bed," he told reporters. "I went to go see this chiropractor who makes beds and he made it just for my back. That's why I'm not really too concerned about it."

He added that he paid an extra $10,000 for expedited delivery.

That may seem pricey, but consider this: With a $15 million salary, it costs the Jazz $182,926 every time Big Al delivers.

Not to mention every time he doesn't.


Bronco Mendenhall cleared some things up last week when he told media he wasn't taking the Colorado job — mainly because nobody on either side was interested.

"I didn't express any interest, haven't been contacted, didn't interview and didn't know I was a candidate," the BYU coach said. "Other than that, I guess I'm a finalist, from what I've been told."

Which makes it a lot like the old Rick Majerus gag lines about dating Cindy Crawford, Ashley Judd and Cameron Diaz: mostly a figment of someone's overactive imagination.


A New York mom was sentenced last spring to 60 days in jail for writing "letters of a threatening nature" to a Little League official after her son was left off the travel squad.

In the interest of full disclosure, Rock On is considering doing the same if David Stern keeps re-signing referee Dick Bavetta to new contracts.


Last week on "The Big Show with Spence and Gordon," Jazz G.M. Dennis Lindsey discussed patience in the building process.

"Sometimes," he said, "you just want to kinda take a nap and wake up three years from now."

Rock On will refrain from revisiting the three-year wait for Quincy Lewis.


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Now that Lindsay Lohan has been arrested for allegedly punching a woman in the face during a bar fight, you have to ask: Can a pay-per-view bout with Tonya Harding be far off?


A recent study said it would cost $107,000 today to execute the 12 Days of Christmas.

In Utah, it's hard to compare ye olde England with today, unless you count Devin Harris among the six geese that laid an egg.

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