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The United States debt could pay for all the student loans twice over.

The U.S. debt is over $16 trillion and rising. Thats a lot of money, and we have some illustrations of some things $16 trillion could buy.

$16 trillion and rising. Thats the US debt, and its a lot of money to be sure. But most of us find it a little overwhelming to wrap our heads around numbers that high. So today were offering some perspective on some things $16 trillion could buy.

How about paying off every Americans mortgage debt TWICE? Yep.

$16 trillion could also fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan about 12 times over.

And if the debt continues to rise at the current rate, in ten years its expected to reach its highest point relative to our total economic output since World War II.

Check out our infographic for more illustrations of our debt. See What Do Others Say? on its implications. Then add to the discussion below. How worried are you about US debt? And do you have any confidence well pay it down?