Carlos Osorio, AP
In this photo taken July 26, 2012, Marge Youngs is shown in her home in Toledo, Ohio. As millions of baby boomers flood Social Security with applications for benefits, the program's $2.7 trillion surplus is starting to look small.

Is anyone else wondering why Social Security and Medicare are being called entitlements? I have had deductions from my paychecks for these "entitlements" for over 50 years.

I am now semi-retired, working part time and I still have these deductions. What should have been a savings account turned into a slush fund for government spending. Instead of repaying the funds, Republican congressmen have decided to punish us by taking more away from this program.

It seems to me that the only ones who have to tighten their spending belts are the ones who have no say in what to cut. I wonder why the government gives grants for studies that no one cares about and are not beneficial to anyone; I wonder why the government gives so much foreign aid when people in this country are homeless and hungry. It must be because we, the people, have no say.

Kathy Thompson