America's fertility rate has fallen to 1.9, below the population "replacement rate" of 2.1.

History has a way of repeating itself; however, a current fad may leave us with the inability to do so.

The world is adult-centered, and with this trend comes the beauty of independence and success. Conversely, it also accompanies the evaporation of families. Our lifestyle is influencing the population to not have children — this will be our downfall. In our quest for success the option of having children is changing from necessity to bothersome.

We all come from a family or household. Imagine if your parents had decided the cost of children was not worth it. You would not exist. The fertility rate in order to replace the current population is 2.1. Today the replacement rate globally is 2.33; conversely, we were at a 4.95 replacement rate in the 1950s. Continuing this trend will eliminate our population.

We may believe that we are being more economically thoughtful of our world by not having children — truthfully, we will never feel ready for something as expensive, exhausting and incredible as parenthood. The upcoming leaders of our world come from this younger generation. Children are the future — but who will be the future once our future becomes the past?

Jessica Jenkins

Pleasant View