In this July 10, 2012, photo, job seekers attend a career fair hosted by GreenTech Automotive in Horn Lake, Miss.

Robert Neale solved the unemployment puzzle ("Solving unemployment" Dec. 3).

Let's scrutinize the unintended consequences as we pretend to implement "all we have to do" to reach full employment.

Congress drafts every unemployed person who needs and wants a job. No one admits to wanting a job because the pay is less than entitlement benefits. The president orders the new Total Employment Program added into the new Total Health Care Program, thus making it mandatory.

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Ignoring the no involuntary servitude clause in the Constitution, all housewives and children are drafted, regardless of pre-existing conditions. Every business already has all the employees it can afford, so Congress imposes the new flat tax on all businesses. Employers organize an Employers Union and strike against the tax. Lacking work rules for the new workers pool, they all do nothing while collecting government pay.

The president issues an executive order folding all entitlement programs into one called the General Welfare System. The Federal Reserve refuses to lend the government any more money. Ultimate social justice; Total unemployment is achieved.

Byron Snow Gibbs

Salt Lake City