United States Capitol.

The federal government can only spend the money it takes from taxpayers — meaning it can only expand Medicaid by taxing people more or going further into debt. It does not produce goods, does not make a profit and it already is losing over a trillion dollars per year.

Nothing in life is free for anyone who works for a living, only those who choose to live on others' hard work get things for free. Free housing, welfare, food stamps, health care, education and cell phones. Our poor live better than the middle class around the world. They have TVs, microwaves, gaming consoles and so much more. Why should they bother to work when so much is handed to them?

If people are truly unable to work that is one thing, but to all those who would rather live off of others — Go get a job. Government programs should be to give people a temporary hand, not a lifestyle. When the takers outnumber the workers, where we will be?

Patricia Sorensen

Salt Lake City