Steve Helber, file, Associated Press
In this file photo taken Jan. 7, 2011, unemployed workers use computers to search for jobs at the Virginia Employment Commission's Reemploy Virginia office in Mechanicsville, Va.

To solve the unemployment problem in America, all we have to do is draft every unemployed person who needs and wants a job into a government program Workers Union of America. Then no one would be unemployed.

This would not be welfare but a real job at a living wage, doing the millions of things people want done. The cost of the program would be paid by a flat rate tax on commercial business. Businesses could choose how they want to pay the workers of America. They could employ them and pay wages, or they could be taxed to pay for the workers doing jobs for others.

There would be an incentive to businesses to hire workers because it would reduce the tax. If private businesses hire all the workers, the tax would be zero. Without the threat of unemployment, recession and depression would be a thing of the past. The economy would be stable and business would make tons of money.

Immigration would no longer be a problem because each new worker would also be a new consumer and not be taking a job from an American.

Perhaps we would be able to avoid the troubles like in Egypt and other areas of the world where people are oppressed.

Robert Neale

Salt Lake City