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In this image taken on Oct. 15, 2012, a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner of red bell pepper and apple slaw, no knead flax rolls, roasted vegetable quiche, corn bread stuffing mushrooms and squash bisque with pan roasted corn salsa is shown served on a table in Concord, N.H.

Recently, Jeff Porter observed some boys taking refills from McDonald's with cups they carried into the restaurant from their truck ("Maintaining integrity" Nov. 26).

A friend told me about a similar experience. He was having lunch with a restaurant owner at a buffet restaurant when two poorly dressed men came in through the exit door. They walked to the trash container and each removed a dirty plate. They proceded to the buffet and began filling their plates. They ate several plates of food and never paid for their meals when they left.

My friend was flabbergasted and wanted to know why the owner didn't call the police. The owner responded, "Oh, they come in here every day and do this. I think it's the only meal they eat each day, and I'm glad to do such a small thing for them."

Merry Christmas to all of those willing to share such a small portion of what they have.

Christine Turner