This undated image provided by Ugg, shows a Dylyn Tall and Short Ugg boot in Chestnut Bomber.

As the weather is getting colder, people are bringing their old jackets and coats out from the back of the closet. You may have begun to notice the fur-trimmed coats, leather jackets and the oh-so-popular Ugg boots.

Our own skin cannot keep us warm enough anymore. So what do we do? We grab someone else's skin to give us the extra warmth we need.

Wearing leather, fur and other animals' skins is murder. Some people do not put two and two together and others just do not care. Every year, more than one billion animals are killed for the trade. Castrating, dehorning, suffocating, abuse, poison, electrocution and being skinned alive are just a handful of the pains these animals go through. But all we care about is the dipping, dyeing and shipping of these deceased animals' skins to our front doors.

So rather than take a few lives this year, save them. Wear your own skin.

Abbey Miller

South Jordan