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Erin Reichle (Weber)

JOE GIACCHETTI, West Ridge Academy, basketball: This senior opened the basketball season with a bang last Tuesday.

In his debut for the Eagles, Giacchetti poured in a game-high 38 points to lead his team to a 64-42 victory over Dugway.

Nobody on the coaching staff was surprised by the debut of the 6-foot-1 guard.

"In my six years at West Ridge, I haven't had an athlete like this," said West Ridge assistant basketball coach Jamie Keefer. "He's also a very good team player. With all the attention he gets, he's so down to earth and it's about the team. He drops 38, and he only wants to talk about the team winning."

Giacchetti recently wrapped up an all-state baseball season, finishing with a 6-2 record, a .750 batting average and four home runs.

ERIN REICHLE, Weber, girls basketball: Erin Reichle was an invaluable part of Weber High's second-place finish last season. So the fact that she could improve her game — and her leadership skills — this season should make a lot of teams nervous.

"She's stepped up to another level — basketball-wise, intensity-wise, leadership-wise," said Weber head coach Rick Stoeckl. "She's the consummate team player, in my opinion. She works the hardest in practice, leads vocally in practice and in games, and helps all the players from freshman to other seniors. She's a coach on the floor. She's been absolutely amazing."

The honor student and varsity softball player led the fifth-ranked team to its first win of the season with 29 points and six rebounds against Hunter.