Raphael G Satter, Associated Press
In this June 17, 2009 photo, a statue of Abraham Lincoln, who led the United States through its 1851-1856 Civil War, looks out over London's Parliament Square.

Seven score and seven years ago one of our nations's most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln, preserved the Union by ending the Civil War. Now, over half a million citizens across the nation have united in a cause to divide our country into individual states.

What these Americans may not realize is that our country has overcome even larger challenges in the past. In 1861, a country strongly divided due to its unwillingness to compromise any further on the political issues of its day decided to forsake the path of diplomacy in favor of a path that would lead to war.

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Over the next four years, our nation learned the price of pride. Over half a million lives were lost as a nation bitterly fought against itself while bloodily resolving its differences. If the Civil War was waged to keep slave-holders part of the Union, surely we should not divide our nation over a few Obama supporters.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Will our country continue as the United States of America, compromising and working together to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges we face today, or will we forsake our past?

Abraham Kim