Among the juicy stories last week in college football was one claiming BYU, Boise State and San Diego State were talking with the Mountain West Conference about a return to the league.

However, BYU is contracted for game broadcasts on ESPN until 2018.

"ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz declined comment when asked if ESPN would allow BYU out of its contract," the article said.

So let's see. ESPN says BYU is considering a return to the MWC, but the Cougars' TV contract is an issue. But ESPN is telling ESPN it won't comment.

Looks like the worldwide leader needs some new sources so it can find out what ESPN is planning.


Who needs "Hoosiers" when you have Grinnell (Iowa) College guard Jack Taylor?

He's the guy who scored a record 138 points in a game against Faith Baptist Bible College. Taylor took 108 shots, reportedly with the blessing of his coach.

No, the coach is not Adrian Dantley.


According to Earth911.com, football stadiums across America generate approximately 39 million pounds of junk per year.

And that doesn't even count the Kansas City Chiefs.


So Rutgers is getting invited to the Big Ten.

Why, you ask.

So the conference is represented in the nation's largest market.

Rock On's totally subjective pecking order of things New Yorkers care about: 1. Yankees; 2. Giants; 3. Jets; 4. Mets; 5. Knicks; 6. Nets; 7. Rangers; 8. Devils; 9. Islanders; 10. Woody Allen; 156. Rutgers.


Cal football coach Jeff Tedford was fired last week after which A.D. Sandy Barbour said, "This was an extraordinarily difficult decision, one that required a thorough and thoughtful analysis of a complex set of factors."

Real complicated stuff like, you know, 15 wins in the last three years.


Race car driver Danica Patrick is splitting with her husband Paul Hospenthal after seven years of marriage.

Sources say Hospenthal's first clue came when he saw her climbing from her car waving a red flag.


Utah State linebacker Bojay Filimoeatu, on a 48-yard interception return that ended at the Idaho 11: "I think I could have scored on that had I not eaten that last plate on Thanksgiving."

The good news for the Aggies: They play their bowl game long before Christmas dinner.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's statue was recently unveiled at the Staples Center, prompting him to observe: "I'm glad we got here before the pigeons got to it."

Said Seattle Times columnist Dwight Perry: "Luckily, the bronzed Kareem is depicted wearing his trademark goggles."

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