Darko Vojinovic, Associated Press
This Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012 photo shows the dry cracked earth and poor quality corn produced in a field in the village of Trstenica, some 40 kilometers west of Belgrade, Serbia. This year, farmers all over the Balkans are turning to God for help. After the harshest winter in decades, the Balkans in the southeast of Europe is now facing its hottest summer and the worst drought in what officials across the region say is nearly 40 years.

It is still amazing to me that every time some drastic and destructive act of nature takes place all of a sudden "global warming" crawls out of the woodwork. There are still too many people who have read articles, listened to rants by or watched a movie by Al Gore.

A month or so ago, it was stated by climate scientists that there had not been any "warming" for 16 years.

The fact is that nature throws some bad curves at us at various times. The idea that oil or coal, or natural gas, or whatever is the cause of so-called global warming is ludicrous. The good Lord prepared this earth for us to live on, and he provided the necessary products for us to develop for our use and comfort.

It has been determined that there have been periods of time on the earth when there were far fewer men, and yet there were warmer than expected temperatures. Man-caused "global warming" is a figment of some climate alarmists' imagination — and much of it has come about because they were able to make a lot of money along their way; if you don't believe me, follow the money trail.

Russell Bender