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Utah Athletics
I think music speaks to people at a different level than just plain words —McKenzie Odale

Although McKenzie and Morgan Odale are a dynamic, sister duo on Crimson Court for the Utah Utes, their connection goes much deeper than volleyball.

The sisters grew up playing together and volleyball became a common passion for both ladies, the Daily Utah Chronicle reported when Morgan joined the team in 2010. Charlotte Odale said volleyball is a joy shared by her family, but the family's faith and musical interests will always be the factors that bond them together.

The two sisters share the passion of music and contribute this lifelong love to one of the more influential women in their lives, their grandmother Nathele King. The University of Utah Athletic department recently released a video featuring the Odale sisters with King.

In the video Morgan said music helps her keep a balance between the adrenaline, competitive nature of volleyball and her personal life.

"In volleyball its all about 'Attack, Kill!' and then music is like, 'be your natural self, like zen-mode, beautiful.'"

McKenzie also has an opinion about what music brings to her life and her family.

"I think music speaks to people at a different level than just plain words," McKenzie said. "It can speak to the heart of somebody and express things that usually cant get (expressed.)"

The family has been tied together with music since before King, when her mother used to sing, and will continue to have this common bond long after McKenzie and Morgan's volleyball careers come to a close at Utah.

"It brings my family and my sister together and it connects us in a way that you cant be connected in any other way," Mckenzie said.