According to the Deseret News, over 500,000 people have signed a petition advocating their state secede from the Union. No doubt, some in Utah would support such a ridiculous idea. Consider the ramifications of Utah leaving the United States.

The first action the federal government would take would be closing Hill Air Force Base, Dugway Proving Ground and all other military installations within Utah's borders. The Utah National Guard and all reserve units would be disbanded. Our national parks would immediately be closed, effectively ending tourism in southern Utah as we know it.

Our congressional delegation would be immediately evicted from Washington. The next step would be the closure of Salt Lake International Airport to air travel and shutting down our interstate highway system, effectively isolating Utah from the rest of the world. Utah Transit Authority would loose federal funding and be forced to drastically curtail service. Amtrak would cease operations, and the U.S. Postal Service would no longer operate in Utah. Higher education as we know it would no longer be available due to drastic budget cuts.

Is this the future the tea party envisions for Utah? One can only hope Utah residents have better judgment than this.

Neil Thomas