Associated Press
President Barack Obama waves as he exits Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., after returning from New York and areas devastated by Superstorm Sandy, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012.

The Election made me wonder how we could arrive at another four years of an Obama Administration. Previous presidents strengthened the U.S. and united it as e pluribus Unum, i.e., "one out of many." President Obama has splintered the U.S. into "many out of one."

Think about George Washington. He helped establish the U.S and generate the Constitution, the greatest God-inspired civil document; Abraham Lincoln helped to keep the United States united; Wilson and Roosevelt protected the U.S. from foreign aggressors; The Bushes led the U.S. to stop the overrun of smaller countries by foreign aggressors; Obama proceeded to fundamentally change America by forcing medical care upon U.S. citizens and overruled constitutional laws by his executive orders, etc.

The roughly 48 percent of U.S. voters who did not vote for Obama and his "changes" need to continue to abide by the Constitution and fight such changes for and with all their God-given rights.

Don Olson