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Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Abraham Lincoln has his picture taken near the Utah delegates area on the floor of the Republican National Convention Thursday night on the floor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Lincoln is actually George Engelbach from Hillsboro Missouri. Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012

I hope the tea party is happy with the national election results. Their party of "no" got them the results they deserve. The economy is right where they want it to be because of their lack of being willing to compromise to help the middle class and poor of America.

Gov. Mitt Romney would have won in a breeze if he had stayed to his beliefs and not had to "kiss up" to the ultra right wing of the Republican Party to win his party's nomination. Where are the Ronald Reagan principles of compromise that worked so well in the past?

Sen. Bob Bennett was one of the best senators ever, but the tea party drove him out.

Already the leader of the house is blowing smoke and dancing to the strings held by the tea party. The Republican Party needs to include Latinos and other minorities and get rid of its tea-party mentality. The Republican Party is in big trouble.

Don C. Cunningham

Fruit Heights