LDS Church
Landscaping at the new LDS meetinghouse in Farmington, Utah, was designed to cut water use by more than 50 percent.

Thank you to Joseph Walker for his recent article ("Who do we think we are?" Nov. 3) highlighting the climate change awareness and activities being supported by different religious groups.

Turning climate change around will require the very best efforts of politicians, entrepreneurs and individuals, and so it's great to see churches and other influential organizations getting involved.

I noticed that the article once again featured the LDS Church's LEED-certified Farmington chapel. This one building (out of 17,000 LDS meeting houses worldwide) keeps getting pointed to as evidence of commitment to good earth stewardship, but aside from this isolated example, the church has been largely silent.

No entity of which I'm aware is able to rally activism and support like the LDS Church. They show that time and again in their ability to lend humanitarian assistance and relieve suffering after the escalating number of natural disasters. I'd love to see the church take an equally active stand on preventive maintenance.

Matthew Weed

Salt Lake City