This file photo taken Nov. 6, 2012 in Chicago shows President Barack Obama along with first lady Michelle Obama acknowledging the crowd at his election night party.

Yesterday, two of my children came home scared that President Barack Obama would either start World War III or enslave white people. They had been told by various schoolmates that the president is evil, a pig, etc.

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For the sake of my little kids who have big ears, I'm repeating to them that though I disagree with some of his ideas, President Obama is a good, smart father and husband who wants to help people in the ways he believes are right. I tell them he is not wicked and he is not all-powerful.

No matter who leads the country, our family's job is to keep working, budgeting, making good decisions and being respectful of others.

I want my kids to feel safe and hopeful. Making disparaging, accusatory and fearful comments about the president — or those who elected him — doesn't help them.

Cissy Rasmussen