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Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, introduces the iPad Mini in San Jose, Calif., on Tuesday. The device has a screen slightly smaller than 8 inches and costs $329 and up.

The iPad mini is out. What better Christmas gift? What better way to create conversation? What better way to manage your busy life?

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Frankly, I think the iPad mini is a total laugh. Apple is smart (no pun intended). They know full well that social status these days is based on what electronic device you possess. Teenagers will now howl at their parents that they "need" an iPad mini to "manage" their heavy loads and "learn" at a faster pace.

College students will use Pell grants and student loans to purchase them because, after all, they are an educational necessity. Middle-class men will tuck them in their suit coat pockets, smoothly whisking them out to schedule appointments and Google information. Sophisticated women will tuck them in handbags and use them to entertain their toddlers.

It won't be long before Apple, in its sly wisdom, will unveil the "iPad Jumbo," and everyone and his dog will be flocking to the Apple stores.

Ben Watkins