I think foreign aid should be reduced. I'm not saying that it should be completely cut, but something needs to be done.

According to the Huffington Post, we spend over $50 billion a year on foreign aid. So why not take some of that money and put it toward our own country?

As a child, my mother would always say, "we can't help others, until we help ourselves." I think this applies to America. America can't help other countries on an empty tank.

I think that we should take a certain amount out of foreign aid but instead of putting it toward the $16 trillion in debt, we should put it toward education. If we have the funds to help educate America, it will in return create jobs. And what does education plus jobs equal? Money.

So why not take another route — educating America. It will help create a better economy in which our country needs to prosper and become the true land of opportunity again.

Megan Harmer

St. George