Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Motorists drive on 3300 South in Millcreek Township Friday, Oct. 12, 2012. Millcreek Township incorporation will be on the November 2012 ballot.

The 'good deal' we've had in Millcreek has changed — and changed some more. It is no longer good. In fact, current status quo hurts our whole community.

Most Millcreek residents don't realize we're actually paying more for public and municipal services than residents in Holladay and Cottonwood Heights. We should all compare our taxes to residents' taxes in nearby cities — it's disturbing.

Some folks claim taxes might go up in Millcreek when we incorporate. Maybe these folks haven't looked at their current tax notice. My property taxes (for only police, fire, and municipal) this year increased 41 percent.

Check yours. For sure, not maybe, our taxes as residents of unincorporated Salt Lake County have gone up, already.

Why don't Millcreek residents realize we already pay for the county to be our "city" government? We pay big time, but we're getting short changed. A large, regional government like the county is not efficient, and it can't put Millcreek's needs first. Why are residents in Millcreek willing to keep paying more than residents in neighboring cities who are the top priority for their government?

Millcreek residents deserve a better deal. It's time we helped our neighbors and our community. I'm voting for a better deal — the City of Millcreek.

Andrea Cook