Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Saratoga Springs Mayor and Congressional candidate Mia Love speaks at a press conference Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 about the cost of having Congressman Jim Matheson in office.

On Oct. 30, I received a flyer from the Utah Democratic Party. The flyer asks "who deserves a pay raise?" It had a quotation from the Fox 13 newscast on Oct. 25: "You've got guys out working (graveyard shifts) trying to support their families and you've got a mayor who's giving herself a pay increase."

It did not say who said the quote. At the bottom of the flyer it read "check the facts." I called the news department and the gentleman looked up the transcript and could not find the quote.

On a teleconference, one citizen asked Mia Love about the flyer and she said she is being paid only $850 per month and she could not give herself a pay raise.

I wish we could have an honest campaign and forget the mud. No wonder political parties have a low positive rating.

David West

South Jordan