NEW YORK (AP) — Some key information about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York:

POWER OUTAGES: About 2.2 million customers without electricity statewide, most in New York City and Long Island.

EVACUATIONS: 375,000 people were ordered to leave flood-prone zones in New York City.

SHELTERS: More than 6,052 people at 76 shelters in New York City, which has 16,000 shelter beds; several other shelters open in Hudson Valley.

INJURIES/DEATHS: At least 15, including 10 in the New York City area. Of the known dead, two boys in North Salem, a man on Long Island, a man in Queens and a couple in Brooklyn were all killed by falling trees. One woman may have died when she stepped in a puddle that hid an electrical line. Others either drowned or were found dead in a home or car. A woman in Ulster County was killed when a roof blew into her windshield.

CLOSINGS: All New York City schools closed Tuesday; many school districts in Hudson Valley were closed Tuesday. The New York Stock Exchange remained closed Tuesday. Public and private universities were closed Monday and some into Tuesday. New York metro area subways, buses and commuter railroads shut down, along with Amtrak service in the Northeast. All of the city's major bridges and some tunnels were closed into Tuesday morning along with parts of major roads. Many of the bridges were being reopened late Tuesday morning to emergency vehicles only while bridges over the East River were reopened to the public.

HIGHLIGHTS: A huge fire destroyed between 80 and 100 houses in a flooded neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens.