My mom was diagnosed with kidney failure over 25 years ago and had a transplant 10 years ago.

Three years post-transplant, she was no longer eligible for Medicare and because of her income, has since been paying for her own medical bills and costly medications. She has a suppressed immune system because of her medications, so she has a difficult time working and can't get insurance through work.

Supposedly the new Affordable Care Act is the answer to her problem. While I understand the idea behind the program, there are some serious flaws for those with pre-existing conditions. The monthly premiums in the Utah Federal Health Insurance Pool for someone my mom's age with a pre-existing condition are anywhere from $385 to $733, which doesn't even cover the additional prescription premium.

When the Affordable Care Act becomes fully enacted in 2014 she has to make a choice to either pay the high premiums or be fined. Is that really a choice? The middle class, once again, is being looked over in this new government "fix all" program.

Am I the only one who sees it?

Andrea Luikart

St. George