Many adults view video games as a negative. But they are only looking at the few negative aspects of video games. Aside from these negative aspects, there are many positive and good things that come from them.

Today video game designers have the ability and knowledge to develop games that are educational. For example, some games being designed now can teach children the ABC's, how to read, numbers and simple addition and subtraction. And they can start playing at an early age, when the brain is eager to learn new things. Parents don't have to sit down with their kids anymore, just give them a controller and let them learn while they get chores done around the house. With the amount of technology in the world, it is practically impossible to keep children away from it, especially when we, as adults, rely on technology so heavily to do simple everyday tasks.

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As a result, instead of not letting children play games, try limiting the amount of time allowed on games and the type of games. For example, if they are interested in sports, try buying games like FIFA for soccer; Madden NFL for football, NBA for basketball, etc. These games can help players learn plays, positions and expectations should they want to pursue sporting beyond high school. Games like these could be used to make individuals better at the sports they love.

Despite the few negative things people attribute to video games, the positives outweigh the negatives in many ways.

Brittney Gubler