Makayla Fideler, 11, of West Bend looks over her shoulder as she prepares to call another registered voter at the Republican Headquarters in downtown West Bend, Wis., on Wednesday afternoon July 18, 2012. The Young Republicans made calls to 'swing voters" to gather information for the upcoming election between President Barack Obama and Mit Romney this November.

The election buzz is soaring. Whether you're eavesdropping, answering the phone, listening to the radio, or standing in line at the grocery store browsing — everyone knows about it. Which explains why I caught my 10-year-old sister watching the last debate on TV by herself and making me swear I wouldn't tell our parents or my 5-year-old sister yelling, "Hey, Mom! Mitt Romney's on the phone!"

This is my first presidential election of adulthood, and it's embarrassing how many people have asked if I'm registered to vote or not. In reply, I answer, "Duh!"

Two years ago while I was at Bingham High School, Mr. Boberg created an assignment in the class to register. This assignment brought excitement into the new privilege and the pride of what being an American means.

It's insulting when adults think the youth of America don't care. Thank you to Mr. Boberg for making me and the rest of the class excited about the future of America.

We hope to make you proud.

Jessica Papenfuss

South Jordan