Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Gus Warr, Wild Horse and Burro Specialist with the BLM shows area in Tooele County near Lookout Pass.

The latest misleading advertisement from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to try to defeat the Utah Land Bill is about a so-called businessman who thinks that the federal government is some generous benefactor, who manages Utah lands for "free." Why would we ever turn over Utah land management to Utah when the feds do it for 'free?

Guess what? The feds don't do it for free; the very money that the BLM spends comes out of your and my pocket in the form of federal taxes.

Utah is a fiscally responsible state. Control of Utah lands by Utahns will open up vast sources of mineral rights and exploration of energy, currently being curtailed by eastern-controlled environmentalists' choke hold on the federal government.

Land management by the state of Utah is both environmentally and fiscally responsible.

Frank Overfelt

Cottonwood Heights