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Maureen Stemberg Sullivan, left, ex-wife of Staples founder Tom Stemberg, and her lawyer Gloria Allred, right, face members of the media as they arrive at Norfolk County Probate Court Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, in Canton, Mass.

CANTON, Mass. — A Massachusetts judge will allow the release of testimony by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the decades-old divorce of Staples founder Tom Stemberg.

Lawyers for The Boston Globe argued that the public has a right to know what's in the testimony.

Attorneys for Romney, Stemberg and Staples did not object to releasing the documents but had asked for a day to review them, which the judge granted.

The hearing resumed Thursday and the judge said it was OK to release the documents.

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Lawyer Gloria Allred, representing Stemberg's ex-wife, also wanted the judge to lift a gag order that prevents Maureen Sullivan Stemberg from discussing the testimony. The judge said the former Mrs. Stemberg needs to file a separate request.

Allred said she'll file a motion as early as next week seeking to lift the order.

Staples was founded with backing from Romney's firm, Bain Capital.

Wednesday, Romney attorney Robert Jones issued a statement, saying, "This is a decades-old divorce case in which Mitt Romney provided testimony as to the value of a company," and that Romney "has no objection to letting the public see that testimony."