As a citizen of Millcreek Township, I continue to be surprised at the lack of concern by some citizens for the democratic principles that have guided our country since its beginning.

The majority of the early colonists didn't say, "We are happy with our government, King George has done a pretty good job taking care of us," or "We don't mind paying high taxes without representation."

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They didn't say, "We don't want more government." They said, "We want our own government." They sought self-determination and control of their own destiny. They were not content with the perceived status quo; they were not afraid of change.

Of course there were growing pains, but as we all know, our forefathers' efforts were worth it. They left a legacy for generations to come. To avoid something new, why would Millcreek citizens want to pay rising county taxes when newly incorporated neighboring cities pay less taxes than we currently do?

We must not be so focused on our own wants and fears that we fail to understand the legacy that we leave behind. Status quo is not an option. Our vibrant community deserves better.

Christine Balderas