Associated Press
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, left, addresses President Barack Obama during the second presidential debate at Hofstra University, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012, in Hempstead, N.Y.

Michael Gerson's column ("Biden's debate performance was uncivil and rude," Oct. 17) is truly outrageous, addressing Vice President Joe Biden's aggressiveness in his debate with Paul Ryan. Gov. Mitt Romney has behaved, or attempted to behave, with impunity and utmost arrogance, especially in the first debate, putting President Obama to shame.

He tried it again last week, but President Obama faced him down. President Obama, we observe, is the commander-in-chief of this nation. Romney is a mere ex-governor who inherited a very easy Olympics challenge — one I was "privileged" to witness from the inside of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for a thankfully limited amount of time — and a radicalized right-wing run for president in recent weeks.

Somewhere along the way, he's become so very arrogant that he doesn't even address our president by his title. We can only conclude that he is contemptuous of President Obama's role and rank in our elective society, and that it will be condescending to acknowledge the respect due to President Obama's station. Romney may be a "boss," but he surely is not a diplomat, regardless how many entertaining gaffes he furnishes to those of us who think he's a great source of ongoing humor.

Ivan Weber

Salt Lake City