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Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney waves to supporters while leaving the stage after speaking at the Daytona Beach Historic Bandshell during the Romney Ryan Victory Rally in Daytona Beach, Fla., Friday, Oct. 19, 2012.

Do a large number of people in this country want a king to rule them? They clamber for each of the presidential candidates to come up with specific plan and details for solving the nation's ills. They expect one man to solve it all.

Mitt Romney said it best when at the first debate he laid out his vision for the future and gave his ideas of where the country needed to be in the future. His most intelligent statement of the night was, "I will consult with the Congress and draw on their cooperation to decide the specifics." Not one of the Founding Fathers in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 could have come up with the much needed constitutional formula by himself, and the delegates who attended the convention knew it.

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This is demonstrated by the fact that more than 60 ballots were taken before they resolved the issue of how to select a president. Even after the convention concluded and several states threatened to reject the Constitution, they were invited to attach amendments. Those states submitted 189 Amendments, reduced down to 10 which have become known as the Bill of Rights.

Romney has given us his vision for the future in enough detail, now let's get him elected so he can use his skills to work with Congress and get the details worked out to get the national debt down to zero; get the federal government to its proper size and back to its expressed duties; and create an atmosphere that will create jobs for all so-called classes.

Dal Lawson