Finally, help to the people and not to the banks. The housing market has hurt our economy, and it has hurt friends and family members in all of our communities.

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The big banks that were an integral part in our collapse should be made to pay. They were helped by our federal government when it was our citizens who should have been helped. I want to commend the Office of the Attorney General on their fights. Our chief deputy, John Swallow, took the lead on this issue and helped marshal state resources to investigate these foreclosures. He also encouraged the creation of a full-time position within the attorney general's office for a foreclosure attorney to work with the state agencies when companies don't follow the law.

We have seen help from our attorney general's office and help from Gov. Gary Herbert. Help for families is now on the horizon. The nation's five largest mortgage services are being held accountable for foreclosure abuses and fraud.

Utah can expect around $171 million. Our current officials are doing everything they can for the people of Utah. This Nov. 6, my vote goes to Swallow and Herbert.

Lois Anderson

American Fork