Laura Seitz, Deseret News
East High School football team captains supporters wait outside before an appeals hearing at the Utah High School Activities Association in Murray on Friday, Oct. 19, 2012. East High School's football program saw seven of its 2012 wins forfeited on Thursday, meaning the school will not participate in the playoffs and will keep only one win from the season.

After an impassioned hearing Friday, the Utah High School Athletic Association Executive Committee overturned its previous ruling forcing East High School to forfeit seven games, allowing the Leopards to participate in the postseason.

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Friday's hearing erased Thursday's decision that declared not only that East High failed to file proper paperwork on its players, but that East failed to adequately ascertain the eligibility status of all its players.

The previous UHSAA decision had stated that East must forfeit all games in which ineligible players participated.

Region 6 had previously ruled on the case and handed out punishments that did not include forfeiture of wins, but the UHSAA Executive Committee held that the decision fell under its larger jurisdiction because it could affect playoff teams outside the region.

EAST (5-0 decision)

Assigned last possible playoff spot in Region 6 (#4 seed)

3 Game Suspension of Head Coach beginning Tuesday playoff game

$6,000 fine to UHSAA ($1,500 per ineligible player)

No home playoff games

No region title

3 Years Probation

UHSAA audits prior to each sports season or at the discretion of the UHSAA to be paid for by East High School

Any violation disclosed by a UHSAA audit will result in the loss of post-season eligibility for the sport involved

Any further proven rules violation regarding the 2012 football season will result in immediate disqualification of East from further participation this season