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Republican presidential candidate former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, listens as President Barack Obama answers a question from a member of the audience during the second presidential debate at Hofstra University, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 Hempstead, N.Y.

I'd like to say something about the politicians, the partisan spokespeople and the vast army of angry, rude, hypocritical and mostly anonymous posters in online forums who go to ridiculous lengths to spin anything and everything in favor of their party and against the other one.

They have demonstrated that winning is far more important to you than honesty or objectivity, and so most of what you say is less than worthless. It contributes nothing of value, is often dishonest and deceptive and degrades our ability to communicate and work together.

The media can't stop talking about things like a candidate's perceived misstatement or gaffe. I would hope the media find something more substantive to fill up their air time. I'm interested in the problems our country is facing and serious ideas about how to address them, but it is almost impossible to find meaningful discussion of such topics amid the incessant babbling about trivialities.

I am reminded again why I detest politics.

Dave Argyle