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Ravell Call, Deseret News
Runners climb a hill in the boys 2A state cross country meet in Salt Lake City, Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012.

SALT LAKE CITY — South Summit sent one athlete to compete in the 2A girls three-mile race on Wednesday morning.

Grace Schulz took the solo mission for a first-place finish, and individual title in a personal best time of 19:32.6.

"I'm the only girl," said Schulz. "We don't have a girls team at South Summit."

Whether it was the perfect day, or just another run in the park, the junior managed to slip past Rowland Hall junior Emily Sundquist and finish barely four seconds ahead of her.

"I decided 'you know what? It's a beautiful day, and it's the right day to just go out and do it.' Anybody could have won today," said Schulz.

Lauren Rasich and Syndey Maves of Rowland Hall rounded out the top 10 finishers, while Emily Nicoloff secured the team title for the Winged Lion.

"I think we put everything on the line, and whatever the number was we gave it everything we've had," said Sundquist after finishing in second place for a consecutive year. "I think there was a little bit of pressure that I didn't want to do worse than last year, but I knew that as long as I put my heart on the line that it was going to be OK."

Olivia Moyle finished in third place with a time of 19:45.2, and led the charge to catapult Enterprise into second place in the team race.

Lydia Foster of Richfield crossed the finish line fourth with a time of 20:08.6, and Maeser Prep senior Elizabeth Loveland took fifth place at 20:32.7.

Rowland Hall's Ryan Westerman claimed the individual title in the 2A boys competition.

"Last year was so … close," exclaimed Westerman. "This season I was really dedicated, and I think having lost last year made me work harder. I worked on my times, and not looking back and I think it paid off big time."

Westerman saw defeat in last years meet, when Yanni Gallagher of Kanab managed to claim the title with a photo-finish for first place.

"I put that photo-finish up on my wall, and it was just motivation for me everyday before practice. I'd look at it, and would tell myself — not this year."

Richfield turned a fourth-place finish in 2011 into a team title Wednesday afternoon, and head coach Bryan Griffin was more than happy with restoring the tradition of success in cross country in central Utah.

"We've been fortunate to get the right kids out. They seem to have a good time, and it helps to have a little bit of a tradition where kids come out and kind of know what is expected," said Griffin.

"We felt like we were as good as anybody in 2A all year long. We knew we had a good chance, just run well and keep doing what we are capable of doing."

Class 2A state cross country meet

At Sugarhouse Park

Boys team scores

1. Richfield, 44; 2. Rowland Hall, 90; 3. North Summit, 98; 4. San Juan, 118; 5. Wasatch Academy, 136; 6. Millard, 160; 7. Parowan, 164; 8. Grand, 166.

Boys individual results

1. Ryan Westerman, Rowland Hall, 16:34.7; 2. Caleb Monsen, Richfield, 16:47.4; 3. Caleb Zwhalen, North Summit, 16:51.0; 4. Hudson Zwhalen, North Summit, 16:54.3; 5. Eli Oftedal, Rowland Hall, 16:57.0; 6. Stephen Monsen, Richfield, 17:00.1; 7. Jonathan Rothschild, North Summit, 17:02.1; 8. Orson Koyle, Millard, 17:14.0; 9. Hunter Holt, Richfield, 17:26.6; 10. Nathan Hatton, Parowan, 17:34.9; 11. Jack McCulloch, Wasatch Academy, 17:38.4; 12. Jackson, Knowles, Grand, 17:43.1; 13. Burton Griffin, Richfield, 17:44.8; 14. Cameron Dickinson, Richfield, 17:45.4; 15. Cole Chamberlain, San Juan, 17:48.8; 16. Weston Larson, Wasatch Academy, 17:49.4; 17. Christian Sherrow, San Juan, 17:53.5; 18. Dayce Truman, Enterprise, 17:57.9; 19. Treyton Helquist, Grand, 17:59.9; 20. Dallin Jacobsen, San Juan, 18:00.1

Girls team scores

1. Rowland Hall, 61; 2. Enterprise, 81; 3. North Summit, 85; 4. Richfield, 95; 5. Parowan, 103; 6. Manti, 117; 7. North Sevier, 166; 8. South Sevier, 168.

Girls individual results

1. Grace Schultz, South Summit, 19:32.6; 2. Emily Sundquist, Rowland Hall, 19:36.5; 3. Olivia Moyle, Enterprise, 19:45.2; 4. Lydia Foster, Richfield, 20:08.6; 5. Elizabeth Loveland, Maeser Prep, 20:32.7; 6. Abbi Zwahlen, North Summit, 20:36.9; 7. Miriam Galecki, Wasatch Academy, 20:45.0; 8. Lauren Rasich, Rowland Hall, 20:45.8; 9. Sydney Maves, Rowland Hall, 20:49.3; 10. Ashlynn Blauer, Parowan, 20:57.2; 11. Allison Wilkins, North Sevier, 21:10.4; 12. Mariah Clayson, Kanab, 21:19.1; 13. Allison Jeffery, Richfield, 21:20.7; 14. Mercedes James, Grand, 21:21.7; 15. McKenzy Huntsman, Enterprise, 21:23.3; 16. Shelby Staples, North Summit, 21:25.9; 17. Rachel Nielson, Manti, 21:27.5; 18. Isabella Koyle, North Summit, 21:38.1; 19. Sophie Turok, Rowland Hall, 21:42.9; 20. Amy Neilson, Manti, 21:43.2

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