The modern-day, fast-paced momentum has taken its toll on the human psyche. The American public, and mankind in general, despairs at the loss of this valued friend of extra time. Gone are those days of leisure, relaxation, hospitality, friendliness, kindness, neighborliness, and even time to do nothing at all. The available time for a hobby is one of its victims. The age of hurry hurry is the unfriendly newcomer on the block. Time no longer is something to burn. Today's quality of life is regulated by the timepiece and daily calendar. This avalanche of fast pace is smothering mankind's natural inclination to socialize and be neighborly. Gone are those days of peace, reading the paper, helping someone in need, and visiting a friend. The price paid for today's pace of hurry up has been the marvelous quality of leisure. The trade-off hardly seems worth the price.

Sidney Smith