Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
Candidate for governor, Peter Cooke talks about his plans surrounding immigration and ethnic affairs during a press conference in Salt Lake City Wednesday, October 10, 2012

With just three weeks remaining before Election Day, the silly promises will start to come at a rapid pace. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke suddenly claims he has a secret plan to boost Utah to the middle of the pack in per-pupil funding ("What I, Peter Cooke, will do if I'm elected as the governor of Utah," My View, Oct. 14).

Cooke himself writes, "In the first 120 days of my administration, I will present a plan to the people of Utah that moves us from 50th to 30th in per-pupil funding over the next four years." As a voter, I find this insulting. If Cooke has such a plan, why is he just now talking about it?

If he has a plan to make such a remarkable leap in this particular ranking and it is a noble goal, why is he withholding details of the plan?

As voters, we simply cannot afford to be influenced by this nonsense. If Cooke has a plan, he should show us the details. What Cooke is really proposing but hoping we won't notice is a massive tax hike. What else can we assume when he is proposing an additional $2.2 billion (the estimated amount it would take to get it done) in education funding without telling us where the money is coming from?

Ellen Martin

Salt Lake City