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Utah's Enes Kanter, left, gets some advice from teammate Al Jefferson as the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder play Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 in pre-season action at the Energy Solutions arena in Salt Lake City.


Ty Detmer says the run-ready quarterbacks BYU now employs are a far cry from those in his era. That's because the position has changed, according to the former Heisman winner.

One thing that must have seemed very familiar, though, was the 51 passes Riley Nelson threw against Oregon State on Saturday. But two things differed. First, three of Nelson's passes went to the Beavers. Second, in Detmer's era 51 passes usually resulted 51 points, didn't they?


Jazz big man Enes Kanter recently made news for living large, then small. Over two months he lost 51 pounds thanks to an off-season diet that included dressing-free salad and seafood.

He said his previous breakfasts would include a six-egg omelet, seven or eight pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and a burrito. Lunch included chicken alfredo pasta, a burger and an appetizer. Dinner consisted of a big meal, plus another burger and dessert.

Which makes Rock On wonder if Kanter's dietician was the same person who fashioned Bill Murray's diet in "Groundhog Day."


Sleeping on sagging springs? Tossing and turning at night?

Al Jefferson has an answer: Get a bed as big as a house.

The Jazz center has reportedly purchased a $23,000 bed. How big is it? Enough so that if you put hoops at the head and foot, there would still be room for two teams, plus a couple hundred fans.

It's actually 10x12, but where do you get bedding for such things — from Field Tarps 'R' Us?


University of Utah stadium officials are scheduled in November to attend a crowd control conference in Colorado.

No truth to the rumor Max Hall will be speaking.


Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton missed five games this season due to dry corneas caused by extreme caffeine consumption.

Sources say he had little to say except: "Tense?I'mnottenseI'mjustgettingfocusedforthegameifththat'sOKwithyouMr.Busybody!"


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To the chagrin of Minnesota-Crookston fans, something was wrong with their new field logo this year: It was painted on the 45-yard line, rather than the 50, by student volunteers.

If Utah had been the team with an off-center logo, it's hard to picture anyone noticing since the Utes never get to midfield anyway.

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1. If you were Ty Detmer, what would you honestly think of the 2012 Cougars?

* That's not the real Cougars

* It's a good thing Idaho's on the schedule

2. Will Enes Kanter keep the weight off?

* Yes, he's learned his lesson

* No, rapid weight loss is always followed by gains