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Hip-hop artist Lecrae Moore shares his Christian beliefs in a new video on faithvillage.com.

As a child, Candace Cameron Bure was best known for her role as DJ Tanner on the TV series "Full House." Now the wife of Russian NHL player Valeri Bure and mother of three, Bure is outspoken about her love for her family and her commitment to her Christian faith.

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Lecrae Moore, a hip-hop artist, is also passionate about his religion. Moore had a rough childhood, but after being arrested for drug possession, the former drug dealer realized it was time to start living the message contained in his unusual good-luck charm: a copy of the Bible his grandmother had given him.

In a series of videos titled "Celebrity Stories of Faith" on the new Christian social networking site Faith Village, Bure and Moore explain their reasons for making God the focus of their lives.

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