Ravell Call, Deseret News
Rep. Jim Matheson talks with residents of the Utah State Veterans Nursing Home in Salt Lake City, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012.

I've noticed a lack of letters supporting Rep. Jim Matheson. I would like to point out Matheson's support for education, especially Pell Grants and keeping student aid affordable.

Here in Utah, 75 percent of our college students depend on these types of aid in order to complete their education. I, for one, required a federal grant to complete my master's degree in nursing. Spending on education is always an investment in the future, reducing unemployment and fostering self-reliance.

Additionally, Matheson's support for transportation has brought significant federal investment into Utah's highway system, including the long overdue reconstruction of I-15 in Utah County and also the development and operation of TRAX and FrontRunner. These were a direct result of bipartisan work between Matheson, former Sen. Bob Bennett and local planners — including UDOT. These types of investments improve overall quality of life for all Utahns and our guests.

Sid Jeffs

South Jordan