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Bebeto Matthews, AP Photo
CORRECTS LAST NAME OF WOMAN--Cecilia Reyes, center, the mother of an unarmed National Guardsman who was fatally shot during a traffic stop, speaks during a press conference after meeting with the Queens district attorney on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 in New York. Reyes and her attorneys, Sanford Rubenstein, left, and Michael Hardy, right, met with Queens DA Richard Brown to seek an investigation into the shooting of Reyes' son, 22-year-old Noel Polanco, who was shot by Detective Hassan Hamdy last week near LaGuardia Airport.

NEW YORK — The mother of an unarmed National Guardsman who was fatally shot by a New York police detective met Thursday with the district attorney investigating the case and said she wants justice for her son.

"I just want justice, and I want it to be done the right way," Cecilia Reyes said after meeting with Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown.

Reyes' 22-year-old son, Noel Polanco, was shot last week during a traffic stop near LaGuardia Airport. No weapon was found in Polanco's car.

A lawyer for Detective Hassan Hamdy, who shot Polanco, has said that Polanco did not comply with the detective's orders to put his hands up and started to reach under his seat instead. A front-seat passenger in Polanco's car has disputed that account.

Civil rights lawyers Michael Hardy and Sanford Rubenstein accompanied Reyes for her half-hour meeting with Brown and several prosecutors from his office.

Hardy said Brown offered his condolences to Reyes.

"All you can hope for in any investigation is that they do it thoroughly, that they do it impartially, that they put the best people that they have available to them on it and they prosecute it with the interests of the people of this borough," he said.

Reyes has said that Polanco was hoping to be placed on active duty with the Army and then to join the Police Department himself.

"He was a beautiful child," she said Thursday. "He never gave me any problems."

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Brown said in a statement that he told Reyes and the attorneys his decision would be based "solely on the facts and the law."

"I assured them that our investigation is active and ongoing and that it will be completed as expeditiously as possible," Brown said.

He said he expects to present the facts to a grand jury when the investigation has concluded.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said he expects the case to be presented to a grand jury, as well. "Not all cases actually go before the grand jury, but this case I believe needs to go before the grand jury," Kelly said Thursday.

Associated Press writer Colleen Long contributed to this report.