SANDY — Two West Jordan sophomores are recovering from concussions suffered in a football game against Alta on Wednesday afternoon.

A spectator told KSL Radio that he noticed one of the boys sitting on the bench "wobbling." He saw coaches talk with him and then walk away as the game continued.

"The boy's dad jumped the fence," said Glen Clayburn, who videoed the incident, which occurred during a sophomore football game. "He tried to get (the boy) to stand up and he couldn't stand up. One of the spectators said, 'Just call 911.'"

The boy was leaning on his father, Clayburn said, and then he collapsed.

"The dad just started yelling his name, 'Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! You've got to open your eyes!'" Clayburn said. After this the boy's mother and another spectator jumped the fence to tend to the boy.

While this was occurring, another boy collapsed and apparently began suffering a seizure.

"He started shaking like he was going into convulsions," said Clayburn. By that time, medical personnel arrived and the game was stopped.

The boys were both transported by ambulance to an IHC hospital, and officials decided to end the game early.

West Jordan football coach Mike Morgan said he wasn't sure exactly how each boy was injured, but he believed it to be on separate plays.

"One boy has been released, and one they're going to keep overnight," said Morgan. "They're worried about seizures, and he stopped breathing for a while. He really struggled for a little while."

Morgan was grateful for the quick action of those who offered aid to his players, and agreed with the decision of doctors to keep one teen in the hospital overnight.

"I like that they're taking these precautions," said Morgan. "Hopefully they both recover quickly, and release the other young man tomorrow. But I like that they're being real careful."

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