Cameron Bailey
Cameron Bailey's Orange Stick Pot du Cremes won first in the Utah's Own Recipe Roundup at the 2012 Utah State Fair.

The last time the public heard of Cameron Bailey, he was competing as a finalist at the Pillsbury Bake-Off last spring. (Remember his exciting last-minute sprint to the judges' table televised on "The Martha Stewart Show"?)

Now he's back in the culinary spotlight, winning first place and $150 in the Utah's Own Recipe Roundup at the Utah State Fair.

From his stint at the Bake-Off, I think he learned the importance of filling a contest recipe with sponsor products.

His Orange Stick Pot du Cremes used Oakdell eggs, Redmond Real Salt, Winder Farms cream, Stephen Gourmet Hot Chocolate and Sweet's Orange Sticks.

The point of Utah's Own Ultimate Recipe Contest was to encourage the use of products grown, produced or processed in Utah. Participants were required to use at least three Utah's Own ingredients. Dishes were judged on taste, appearance, originality and creativity of the recipe, as well as the best use of Utah's Own products.

Contestants were awarded more points for using more Utah's Own products; but in the end, the dish had to taste good as well.

Bailey's rich chocolate dessert was scented with fresh orange zest and tasted just like the popular Sweet's Orange Sticks candy.

I suspect the culinary contest world hasn't heard the last of Cameron Bailey.

Here's his winning recipe:


12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips

4 whole large eggs, room temperature (Oakdell)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 pinch salt (Redmond Real Salt)

2 teaspoons fresh orange zest

1 cup heavy cream (Winder Farms)

3 rounded tablespoons hot chocolate powder (Stephens Gourmet Hot Chocolate, milk chocolate flavor)

Milk Chocolate Orange Sticks, as needed, for garnish (Sweet's )

Whipped Cream, sweetened with powdered sugar as needed for garnish (Winder Farms)

Place the chocolate chips into a blender. Add the Oakdell eggs, vanilla, orange zest and pinch of Redmond Real Salt. Turn on the blender on low just long enough to incorporate eggs.

In a pan on the stove over medium-high heat, mix together 1 cup of Winder Farms heavy cream and Stephens Hot Chocolate powder. Stir until combined and heat just until boiling. Remove from heat.

Turn blender back on medium and remove the circular disk from the blender lid and very slowly pour in the hot chocolate. (It is essential that your hot chocolate be very hot in order for the final product to be the right consistency and texture.) Blend for a minute or so until mixture is smooth and fairly free of visible bits of chocolate.

Divide the mixture among ramekins or serving dishes. Place in the refrigerator uncovered for at least 3 to 4 hours or overnight to set.

Garnish with sweetened Winder Farms whipped cream and pieces of Sweet's Orange Sticks.

Valerie Phillips is the former Deseret News food editor and the author of "Soup's On!" published by Covenant Communications. She blogs at Email: [email protected]